We offer complete dog bathing and grooming services for all dog types with the price depending on breed and condition of the dog. Click here for prices >>

The staff at Amy's Royal Treatment have a natural way with the most difficult dogs.   We only keep your dog  long enough to complete their grooming. We do NOT keep dogs in the crate all day long and they are to be picked up as soon as they are finished to help ease their anxiety.

Blueberry Facial

It’s calming, cleansing, color brightening, and the scent is delicious.

South Bark’s Blueberry Facial is all natural, tearless, and made in the USA. Request one from us!

Angel's Eyes

Angels’ Eyes is the first product developed specifically for both dogs and cats to eliminate unsightly tear stains from the inside out. 100% wheat and dye free! Safe for all breeds!

Grooming and Brush-Outs

Help Prevent Matting

Dogs will have the dead hair brushed out and will receive 2 baths, a creme rinse ear cleaning, nail clipping and pad-hair trim. Matted cases require a blade between the skin and the matt, which the dog must remain still. We do severally matted dogs but it is a delicate process and an extra charge. We offer brush outs only in half hour morning sessions.
Baths with no residual effects

Dog Baths and Shampoos

We have a vast variety of shampoos to choose from, like Oatmeal (for dry or flaky skin), Medicated, Flea & Tick shampoo which only kills what it comes in contact with, leaving no residual effects, and a De-Skunking shampoo for a run in with those black and white friends. We are happy to bathe with any shampoo that you request or bring in with you. We dry without heat.
Introduce your puppy to grooming

A Positive 1st Experience

If you get a new puppy we suggest bringing it in at about 12 weeks old for a couple of short visits to familiarize him with all the sights and sounds of the grooming salon before his actual appointment.  The most important accomplishment of our puppy's first grooming session is ... that he likes it!  We want his first experience to be positive because it will stay with him forever.